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Cheyenne Rickley Photography - Serving Most of Central Florida

"Hello! I'm Cheyenne, the artist behind the camera. Born and raised in southern New Jersey up until 5 years ago, when I took a chance and packed up my life to travel the southern United States with my amazing husband (and our two fur babies, of course!). We have moved 3 states in 5 years and have finally decided to settle down here in Central Florida! 

In my down time you can typically find me exploring state parks and hiking trails with our rescue pup Holly. I love being outside and being in nature. The ocean also holds a huge part of my heart. I grew up "down the shore" as we like to call it up north. Salt water taffy, sun kissed skin, and boardwalk arcade games are apart of my soul. So if you're down for some fun at the beach I'm your girl!

I'm kind of a closet nerd, I enjoy Harry Potter movie marathons and attending the yearly comic book conventions to hunt for the latest Funko Pop! vinyl figures - I swear I only started with two, it's very addicting! Catch me on a hot day and you'll see my collection of tattoos dedicated to all of my favorite Tim Burton films. 

Now that you know about me, I want to get to know you!  

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